National Council
                                        FSS Awards Proposals

1.  Mangement shall allocate an awards pool of five percent (5%) to total budgeted salaries (excluding Senior Executive Service and managers' salaries) for FY 2002.

2.  Four percent  (4%) of the awards pool shall be allocated to performance-based awards.

3.  One percent (1%) of the awards pool shall be available for use under existing GSA awards programs, such as the GSA Fast Track Awards System.

4.  The awards pool for FY 2003 shall be calculated using budgeted salary rates.

5.  Eighty percent (80%) of the total awards pool shall be given to all FSS associates equally, regardless of grade level, in accordance with the following sliding scale:
                    % Movement From          % of Award $ Earned
                    Baseline to Target
                    <29                                                      0
                    30-39                                                  15
                    40-49                                                  30
                    50-59                                                  45
                    60-69                                                  60
                    70-79                                                  75
                    80-89                                                  90
                    90-99                                                 100
                    101-110                                           103-130
                    111+                                                   130

6.  Twenty percent (20%) of the awards pool shall be given for conventional awards programs (such as Fast Tracks).

7.  Awards pool shall consist of five percent (5%) of the total FSS budgeted associated (excluding SES and managers' salaries).  If the overall reveue exceeds the budgeted amount for the Fiscal Year by 5% OR MORE, bonuses shall be increased by an additional amount proportional to that increase.

8.  Management shall guarantee that awards shall be available for payout in the event that FSS work groups meet or exceed their performance goals.

9.  The FSS Performance Measurement Awards System shall be negotiated each year.

10.  The National Council shall meet with management in Washington, D.C., on a quarterly basis to review the progress toward targeted goals, as well as any payout data provided by management.

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